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House fellowships

Our House fellowships ...

There is a place for you! House parties are not closed cliques of very pious people, but open groups of 4-8 persons, who meet Regularly in the family atmosphere of an apartment, to read together in the Bible, share personal experiences to ask, Freud and to share grief issues, pray for eachother and sing together, Practically Helping One Another, To discover gifts and talents to develop, and deploy, to support the needs of our community and the mission.

Everyone needs other people. Only in the authentic community of a small group he / she can experience what the Bible Means by: Bear One Another's Burdens - love one another - Encouraged eachother - admonishing one another - forgiving one another.

In This Way No One goes under. Each cell group is looking forward to new guests. You may like one or more home groups "sniff" Because each group has its own character house. You will be warmly welcomed, but not paid. Even silence is allowed. If the circle grows, it will be divided in the rule. THUS IT is Ensured That the individual does not come up short again and space for guests is free.